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Our story

Thandanani Drop Inn Centre 120-195NPO is the brainchild of cousins and Mamelodi East Residents Thabo Kgotsi and Victor Vukani Tswayi. The Centre was an integral part of our lives when we were young “It ran a feeding scheme and being from poor families, we used to eat hear and play educational games afterschool that kept us busy and most importantly away from negative activities. The Centre ran feeding scheme in 1980’s but unfortunately stopped in the 90’s and during the closed period thus the youth started wandering the streets doing drugs and taking in other crime activities.

Then we decided that we must do something as we could not fold our arms and watch the moral decay and youth destroying their future, then we reopened the Centre in 2011 operating from Monday to Saturdays.

The Centre is a youth driven project, run by passionate and focused volunteers striving to find new and innovation ways to uplift our community.

The aim of the Centre is to push back hunger, unemployment, poverty, Gender Based Violence and Drug Abuse that are ravaging our community.
Thandanani volunteers go around cleaning public institutions such as schools, clinics, hospital, police station and illegal dumpsites.

We have assisted 150 unemployed youth apply for job opportunities and 50 were successful and now are employed.

We believe that our project will bring change in our community and reduce drug dependency, poverty and unemployment and during the year 2015 the Centre introduced chess classes to teach young people the game for its obvious ability to exercise the mind and this will automatically teach them to think before taking decisions in life.

Centre Management

Mr Thabo Kgotsi


Mrs. Rosemary Mafiri

Centre Manager

Mr. Allie Tema