Our Background

The Organisation was established during 2011 January 19th by two unemployed local Residence of Mamelodi, the project started with 12 Volunteers working for change and improvement within their community.

The Youth has been enjoying the initiated programme and increased the support or membership with +/- 150 Volunteers working together to change the environment for the better, through community programmes that addresses Socio Economic Issues. Feeding +/-100 kids during school holidays and after school programmes like Feeding Scheme, Homework, Recreational activities. Fighting Drugs and Substance Abuse within our community. We have early intervention and the primary Prevention programs that addressing drugs and substance abuse in our community.

Since the inception of Thandanani in 2011, we have held successful events were we feed 135 children with breakfast and lunch after school, sports against drugs and substance abuse, clean-up campaigns at our public Institutions, managed to place +/- 50 volunteers into different permanent posts, took 186 “nyaope” addicts to rehab centres and we have 58 clean x-addicts that are placed into skills development centre for the aftercare programme, have a successful feeding scheme programme to alleviate poverty in our community. This is only possible because of the thoughtful and positive contributions from our community members and cooperate sectors that lends a hand when needed for a positive outcome.


Our Mission

Taking Initiative, cooperate and make difference in our community through Sports as sports is the most powerful tool that we can use to address social issues around our communities as well as to work in an integrated manner.